How safe are Binary Options?

How safe are Binary Options?

Binary-earthWhen asked about the safety of binary options, two aspects must be distinguished:

1) the issue of security and Broker
2) that for a safe trade strategy.

The aim is to dispel some illusions. While the Broker security is guaranteed in principle (regardless of any rumors of fraud and rip-off), there may be a “surefire” trading strategy not give.

Arrow Green Broker safety in binary options:
When is repeatedly written by “broker fraud”, “fraud using broker” and so on, or speculated, so at this point even a clear word needed.

Veteran traders expire

Brokers have traditionally been the whipping boys of Trader scene, they have always been, even without web-based trading. is trading per se the most uncertain business at all, it runs always suboptimal and often completely against the trader. By this got to be someone to blame, and of course offers the broker to. Either he has too late or too poorly or not executed the order, or he did – lo and behold! – Other investors betray their stops, so that these other villains have its price just to own stop and then turn back (the so-called stop running, a myth which even veteran traders expire). Only in this way a trader can really black fret and directed his anger on a specific person, namely the broker.

It this occurs only as an intermediary between the trader and the stock exchange, or – as in OTC trading of binary options – on between the trader and the issuer. It provides its technology available, no more and no less. The Broker technology usually the technique of price quotation by issuers not always works best, however. If you do not believe it, watch the prices of a security at various independent platforms and also with your broker at the same time. If there is no price fixing, then nowhere. At such moments there is strong Slippage (difference between order and execution price) for which the broker can not.

Binary call and put options

He has forwarded your order is for the design in the case of binary options – the issuer responsible. Just this annoyance of slippage is however characterized eliminated in binary call and put options that it really is not about a specific execution price at closing out, but only whether the securities ends somewhere above or below the entry price. Possibly which hedgende Broker suffered by slippage even more losses than the trader. That broker sitting still on the safe side, similar to the accountant of a company, is an entirely different question.

Arrow Green safety of trading strategies with binary options:
Now, binary options are a bet as any trading. For this, there is no absolute certainty, however, trading is different from gambling or horse racing through the reasonable assumptions onlinescam about a performance. These assumptions are based on fundamental events and Technicals, have a long tradition and cause there are highly successful traders and investors repeatedly. However, these people do their homework when it comes to the research and risk management. If you just book a few binary options – a few upward a few down – and then see what comes out so, you can also go to the roulette. The temptation is strong though, because the binary options are easy to book, but before every trade should be a thorough consideration. This increases safety when trading binary options in each case.